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Absurdly Easy Hairstyles That Take Only 10 Minutes

When you’re short on time, it can be tempting to just give up and throw your hair up in a struggle bun. If you’re headed to the gym or running a weekend errand, go for it. If you’re headed to work or an event that requires more effort, however, there are ways to look more put-together that are equally as easy as a topknot. Ahead, we scoured the best tutorials YouTube has to offer for every hair type—and the exact tools you need to achieve the looks.

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For Medium – Long Hair

The 5-Minute Low Bun

In this video, Alex Gaboury demonstrates how you can get an elegant low bun using just oneelastic. She achieves it by doing some beginner-friendly twisting and tucking to create the most perfect-looking chignon.

Best tip: Curl your hair beforehand to add more volume and texture to hold the style better.


The Half Updo

Marianna Hewitt always has flawless, photo-ready hair and here, she demonstrates one of her simplest yet stylish looks. It’s ideal for the second or third day after a blowout and takes seconds to achieve.

Best tip: Use a texturizing spray on the half-up section of your hair before wrapping it into a bun to make it appear more full.


For Natural Hair

The Crown Braid

For you braiding beginners out there, Bri Pile does an amazing job explaining how to create them. She also only uses two bobby pins to keep the whole style up, which goes to show how easy this tutorial is to follow.

Best tip: Prep curls with a moisturizing leave-in product to make them easier to maneuver around the head.


The Low Ponytail

This no-heat style by Roxxie features an “Aaliyah-inspired” side sweep part and shows how easily achievable a long ponytail is using wefts of hair wrapped and pinned around a bun.

Best tip: While you’ll be using water elsewhere, don’t spray water on the front bangs because it will make your hair curlier and more difficult to lay flat on your forehead.


The High Puff


If you don’t want to use products, Ashly Rodriguez has you covered. In this video, she showcases her natural curls by putting them in an easy updo with bangs.

Best tip: While some people use a head scarf or elastic headband to get this style, Rodriguez opts to use just one regular hair elastic, which she only needs to wrap around her hair once because it’s so tight.

The Curly Half Updo

Here, Kim from The Chic Natural walks you through using a curly wig (secured only with combs and a couple hair pins) and blending it with your own hair to complete a quick half-updo you can wear anytime.

Best tip: Before pinning the wig down, make sure it’s positioned so your natural part is showing. “I think it makes the style look more seamless and natural, like it’s coming from my scalp,” Kim says.


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