Kim Kardashian dyed her hair ‘frosted brown’ for summer and it is the best thing ever

Kim Kardashian is quite known to experiment with newer trends and this time Kim has chosen to play with her hair colour.

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Kim Kardashian dyed her hair ‘frosted brown’ for summer and it is the best thing ever

The Kardashian-Jenner clan have quite the reputation when it comes down to fashion and beauty. It is safe to say that they are pretty much responsible for trends to come and go. Clothing pieces and accesories become instantly popular and ‘trendy’ once people see them on the Kardashians. So much so that a few brands have even started selling knock-offs of the clothing that they wear.

While they have a big hand in influencing fashion trends, they have also impacted the beauty industry. With Kylie’s successful brand – Kylie Cosmetics to Kim’s KKW fragrance and makeup, they have been an important part of the industry. Not just their brands but their individual styles have also created a stir. 

From ultra long straight hair to bob cuts, the Kim has made sure to experiment with her style every now and then. And, with the seasons changing, it’s summer in California which definitely calls for a new hair-do for Kim. 

More often than not, these drastic hair changes are thanks to an expertly laid wig, but from what it looks like, Kim’s new ‘frosted brown’ hair can be legit.

Just a few days ago, Celebrity hairstylist – Chris Appleton shared a snapshot of Kim’s frosted hair and boy does it look good on her! While we have known the Kardashian’s for their epic fashion statements, this subtle change does make an impact. Also, according to us, it’s likely that everyone is going to ask for a cool shade of “frosted brown” this summer!


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