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Ed Sheeran beats Adele in Rich List as he doubles his wealth to total £160 million in just a year

Ed Sheeran is, to put it bluntly, raking it in and is now worth a huge £160 million, doubling his wealth in just a year. That’s an extra £80 million in just 12 MONTHS. Our minds are blown. The 28-year-old’s total worth was revealed in a new edition of the Sunday Times Rich List, which has seen him surpass Adele who is worth a cool £150 million. She still reigns as the wealthiest female recording artist and sits at number 22 on the rich list, while Ed is now a few spots ahead at 17. They are two of the youngest stars included on the list, which is mainly dominated by veteran musicians including the likes of Sir Elton John and Sir Paul McCartney. Ed tops the list of the wealthiest young musicians thanks to his hefty fortune (Picture: WireImage) Topping the list is Andrew Lloyd-Webber and his whopping £820 million, while McCartney (£750m), U2 (£583m), Elton (£320m) and Sir Mick Jagger (£275m) make up the top five respectively. Ed, meanwhile, bags the number one spot when it comes to the list of wealthiest young musicians, while Harry Styles is the second wealthiest and Niall Horan comes in third. In fact, the top 10 is pretty much dominated by the One Direction boys, as Louis Tomlinson is fifth, Liam Payne sixth and Zayn Malik seventh. Ed and Justin Bieber have teamed up for a new track called I Don’t Care (Picture: Instagram) News of Ed’s hot new price tag comes after he recently announced a collaboration with Justin Bieber and pretty much the whole world lost it. The boys have come together for new single I Don’t Care and the track is set for release on Friday. Fans have already dubbed the duo ‘magic-in-the-making’, with one excitedly penning on Twitter: ‘I can’t sleep, and I just found out Ed Sheeran and Justin Bieber are going to release a new song on Friday! Ooooh I’m excited for this!’ It’s not just Biebs that Ed has been working with lately, as Stormzy revealed he always calls on Ed for advice when it comes to his new releases. Stormzy said he relies on Ed for advice when it comes to his new releases (Picture: Capital Breakfast) So much so, that the Blinded By Your Grace rapper claimed he’d ‘faint’ if Ed didn’t approve of his new album. ‘Ed’s like my brother but he’s also… him being where he is in his career, he’s always someone I’m looking to for inspiration, do you know what I mean?’ Stormzy told Capital Breakfast. ‘So I always hit him up. Even towards the end of my album process I hit him up and let him know where I was with it.’

Source: https://metro.co.uk/2019/05/09/ed-sheeran-beats-adele-new-rich-list-doubles-wealth-total-160million-just-year-9459208/?ito=cbshare

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